COVID Vaccines, Therapeutics, Variants, Long COVID, Ability To Tackle the Next Pandemic

Director of the Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center (VIC) at Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Mark Poznansky, joins Dr. Marc Siegel on Sirius XM Doctor Radio and discusses the latest information on vaccine development, current therapeutics, Long COVID, individual responsibility in preventing the spread of COVID, and the United States’ ability to tackle the next pandemic.

A new platform for immunotherapeutic RNA delivery to cancer cells

A study led by Dr. Minh Le investigates the potential in red blood cell extracellular vesicles (RBCEVs) to suppress cancer progression. The study recently demonstrated the capabilities of these nano-sized vesicles with successful delivery of immunotherapeutic RNA molecules to suppress cancer growth and metastasis in laboratory models. In addition, the study highlighted the advantages of the RBCEV platform, efficient delivery of therapeutics and potential for engineering specificity to target a variety of cancer types. The team continues its research in hopes to broaden the platform to more cancer types and benefit cancer patients.

Immune cell ‘Soldier’ identified as potential target for immunotherapy

A newly discovered immune cell “soldier” may be the next target for immunotherapy. Termed killer innate-like T cells, these cells are unlike the traditional targets of immunotherapies, that is they exhaust at a slower rate and penetrate more deeply into the tissue. Killer innate-like T cells can recognize unmutated antigens and are not dependent on antigen-presenting cells. Instead the cells are constantly primed, ready to attack cancerous cells. Researchers hope these T cells, as compared to conventional T cells, may help in eliciting immune response in patients unresponsive to immunotherapy treatment.