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Mukerji Lab

Mission Statement:

Neurological complications from infections include cognitive changes and depression. We study systemic indicators of health, immune function and metabolite networks to advance our understanding and management of neurological disorders after infections.

Research Focus:

The Mukerji Lab employs computational approaches to characterize and develop treatment options for depression and other neuropsychological comorbidities in people with HIV on antiretroviral therapy.

VIC Projects List

Highlighted Publications

J Infect Dis, 223(9), 1601-1611. Mukerji, S. S., Misra, V., Lorenz, D. R., Chettimada, S., Keller, K., Letendre, S., Ellis, R. J., Morgello, S., Parker, R. A., & Gabuzda, D. (2021, May 20).
Clin Infect Dis, 67(8), 1182- 1190. Mukerji, S. S., Misra, V., Lorenz, D. R., Uno, H., Morgello, S., Franklin, D., Ellis, R. J., Letendre, S., & Gabuzda, D. (2018, Sep 28).
AIDS Behav, 21(7), 1985-1995. Mukerji, S., Haghighat, R., Misra, V., Lorenz, D. R., Holman, A., Dutta, A., & Gabuzda, D. (2017, Jul).
Clin Infect Dis, 63(8), 1130-1139. Mukerji, S. S., Locascio, J. J., Misra, V., Lorenz, D. R., Holman, A., Dutta, A., Penugonda, S., Wolinsky, S. M., & Gabuzda, D. (2016, Oct 15).
Sleep, 44(8). Leone, M. J., Sun, H., Boutros, C. L., Liu, L., Ye, E., Sullivan, L., Thomas, R. J., Robbins, G. K., Mukerji, S. S., & Westover, M. B. (2021, Aug 13).
J Neurol Sci, 430, 120023. Normandin, E., Holroyd, K. B., Collens, S. I., Shaw, B. M., Siddle, K. J., Adams, G., Rudy, M., Solomon, I. H., Anahtar, M. N., Lemieux, J. E., Trombetta, B. A., Kivisakk, P., Arnold, S. E., Rapalino, O., Piantadosi, A. L., Sen, P., Rosenberg, E. S., Branda, J., Sabeti, P. C., & Mukerji, S. S. (2021, Oct 4).

Research Team

Emily Rudmann

Clinical Research Coordinator I

Elissa Ye

Data Scientist

Navid Valizadeh

Clinical Research Fellow

Haitham Alabsi

Neurology Faculty, Staff

Doug Wilcox

Neurology Resident



2019 – 2021 Sarah Collens, BS. Precision Medicine Associate II at Regeneron
2018 – 2020 Kiana Keller, BS. MD candidate at Uniformed Services University School of Medicine
2017-2018 Mike Leone, BS. MD-PhD candidate at University of Pittsburgh


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