Recent Literature Review from the Sîrbulescu Team: Intruders or protectors – the multifaceted role of B cells in CNS disorders

Under the guidance of Dr. Sîrbulescu, our team at VIC wrote an extensive literature review to integrate the expanding field of B cells and their immunological roles within the Central Nervous System (CNS). Throughout this process, we evaluated recent advancements in B cell-mediated immune interactions through the lens of chronic CNS diseases and acute CNS injury. From the early understanding of B cell infiltration and regulation to its role in diseases such as multiple sclerosis, and now the advancing work of traumatic brain injury and stroke, we have found that B cells are involved in many aspects of CNS immunology and function. We hope that by consolidating the literature into a unified picture, researchers can identify relationships and patterns that could lead to more knowledge in the field. Ultimately, we believe that B cells are a key component of discovering cell-based therapeutics and treatments to tackle CNS-related conditions.