Putin weaponizing refugees: NATO must draw red lines and enforce them

Op-Ed in the Hill written by Drs’ Poznansky, Callahan and Hart on the presumption that Putin’s past actions will serve as his current playbook and the consequential NATO response. “As a medic in the British Army during the late 1980s, I was taught that a war in Western Europe, started by the Soviet Union, would immediately result in hundreds of thousands of refugees, with that number escalating to millions in a matter of days. Because the region is one of the top three most densely populated subcontinents, battlefield casualties and medical management of refugees were expected to place enormous strain on military and civilian medical care in every area of…”

WMD in Ukraine: a planetary near-death experience

Op-Ed in the Hill written by Drs’ Helfand, Callahan, Hodgkin and Poznansky on the continued existence of weapons of mass destruction and the unacceptable threat to the Ukraine, global security and public health.

“The war in Ukraine is now in its fifth month and, while the brutal toll of military and civilian casualties continues to climb, the territorial lines have become increasingly static, with mostly incremental gains by Russian forces in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region. We continue to learn of human rights violations, from intentional targeting of civilians and civilian infrastructure to deportation of Ukrainian civilians into Russia. Despite the devastation…”