Summer Students of 2016

Summer Students of 2016

Written By: Anastasia Artamonova

As summer comes and goes, it is the warm memories we form now that get us through the cold Boston winters. The wonderful students of VIC have been with us for several weeks now and, sadly, it is the time to say goodbye. From veterinary school to international relations, the students represent a variety of interests and ideas as they come into VIC. However, upon departure they all leave with newfound appreciation for the science that happens behind the scenes. We have had the pleasure of working with them in a variety of projects in which they have had direct roles and impact.

Summer 2016 students

From left to right, back row: Wataru Katagiri, Chloe Boehm, Ellie Dunstone, Alice Tang, Anastasia Artamonova and Steven Kandilas.
The front row: Erin Soon, Kia Lor, Scarlett Se Yun Cheon, Anita Vohra
Not Pictured: Michael Tian

An enormous thank you is in order for all the students and staff at VIC for creating the place for learning and science to come together and expose the beauty of science to the future generations. Wherever the paths may lead them in the future, we are with them and wish them the best!

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