Exciting research reveals new potential in investigating “hybrid immunity” against Covid-19 and evolving variants. A year-long project from Rockefeller university led to unanticipated results indicating individuals who were previously infected with the virus and later vaccinated have “hybrid immunity”, super immunity against Covid-19 and newer variants. Primary investigation focused on anticipating more resilient variants of Covid-19, in hopes to get ahead of the pandemic. Following exposure of an engineered virus to blood samples, initial results were as expected but what soon followed was a well-welcomed surprise. The blood samples of individuals who recovered from Covid-19 and were then vaccinated showed incredibly diverse antibodies, of much greater quantity than people double vaccinated and boosted. These qualities have granted these individuals “hybrid immunity” and greater defense against new and evolving Covid-19 variants. Hope remains in continued research to mimic “hybrid immunity” through advancing vaccine regimes, as to end this pandemic and better defend against future ones.

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