Report on the UN meeting on the rising global effects of antibiotic resistance.

Report on the UN meeting on the rising global effects of antibiotic resistance.

  On September 21st the UN held an historical meeting to discuss the rising global effects of

antibiotic resistance. These high-level meetings on health issues have only been held in times of

crisis, as in 2011 to discuss eradicating HIV and the AIDs and in 2014 to discuss stopping the

spread of Ebola. 

   Antibiotic resistance is the rising challenge countries around the world are facing, with patients

becoming infected in greater numbers (2 million/year as reported by the CDC) from common

bacterial infections that have been easily treated in the past. The use of antibiotics over the years

has come to be accepted and prescribed in large quantities and, as a result, the evolution of

super-bugs (or organisms resistant to current antibiotic on the market) is becoming more

prevalent. This causes complications in surgical and cancer treatment cases and poses mounting

costs on the healthcare system worldwide. The UN addressed this issue and is pushing for greater

awareness of the problem from medical providers, researchers and the public on the importance

of antibiotic use in cases of infection and for the proper handling of medications. Over

prescription and over consumption of antibiotics is believed to have caused this resistance to

surface and, therefore, we must be wary of the potential outcomes of continuing such practices. 

    The adverse effects of antibiotic resistance will also affect agriculture and animal husbandry

as the economic impact of antibiotic resistant crops and animals to disease will hit worldwide,

and the implications of a mass-loss in substance production would be felt in everybody's


It is vital to maintain an awareness of the outcomes of new policy changes and major decisions

on this issue and an unprecedented global effort will be required to tackle the resistance to

antibiotics. Researchers at VIC are committed to developing new vaccines to prevent emerging

infectious diseases.

Written By: Anastasia Artamonova

http://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2016/09/21/494914739/u-n- pledges-to- fight-antibiotic-resistance- in-historic- agreement

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