The Coronavirus Economic Recovery Must Begin Now

Opinion piece by Mark C. Poznansky, MD, PhD in the Boston Globe on measures required for the economic recovery from the coronavirus.

“Right now, the overwhelming emphasis to combat the COVID-19 pandemic is appropriately placed on testing for the virus, protecting those who are most susceptible, treating the sick, and flattening the pandemic peak. Tremendous leadership, innovation, and dedication to containing the disease across each of these areas continues to evolve.”

VIC Pivots to Address COVID-19 Pandemic

We face a time of great uncertainty as a result of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 Pandemic that comes along with unprecedented events of every type, physical, social and economic.

VIC finds itself at the epicenter of this battle against an entirely new foe while being at the forefront of rapid vaccine development for emerging infectious diseases. The VIC team has worked very hard with the US Government and Biotechnology Companies and we have put in place a plan to turn our rapid vaccine development platform, VaxCelerate, towards the development of a safe and effective self-assembling vaccine for COVID-19 and, on a separate front, for the rapid development of a new blood test for the virus.

To begin to turn this wheel we need start-up support in the amount of $500K. Our donors have been amazingly generous over the past 11 years making VIC what is today with 9 new medical products under development, three first in human studies and 3 biotech company spinouts.

Collectively, with your help, we are now in the right place and at the right time to join the battle against the Coronavirus and you should know that your contributions will go directly towards VIC’s mission to assist in the global cause.

Thank you for your support,
Mark C. Poznansky MD, PhD