VIC hosted six undergraduate student interns this summer

Alice Barocco and Jacob Smith came from Imperial College, London. The Professor Dulcie Coleman Endowed Student Training Award is sponsored by Dr. Mark Poznansky in memory of his mother who was an eminent research scientist at Imperial College. This is a competitive application process and the top two students were both given the award this year.

James Adeosun came from Clare College, Cambridge University, where Dr. Poznansky studied for his PhD.. A top student is selected internally and interviewed and approved by Dr. Poznansky.

Saumya Maheshwari came from Edinburgh University Medical School. Dr. Poznansky gained his undergraduate and medical degrees at this institution. This is the first year this program has been implemented and there was an overwhelming number of applications.

Katie Lu is an undergraduate at Stamford University and successfully applied for the Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center Summer Research Studentship Program.

Jolade Adebekun is an undergraduate at Harvard University and joined us at VIC though the Summer Research Training Program (SRTP) organized by the Center for Diversity and Inclusion at MGH.

All of the students join us for a period of 12 weeks and are mentored by VIC Principal Investigators and Senior Scientists and have the opportunity to contribute to relevant ongoing research studies and to be included on the resulting publications. This has been a highly motivated group who have integrated into the lab exceptionally well over the summer and it has been a pleasure to spend time with them.

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