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About VIC


VIC explores and develops new ways to modulate the immune system for therapeutic benefit. Our approach is deeply collaborative and involves leveraging the expertise and direct involvement of academic and industry scientists from US and abroad. We currently have nine products in our pipeline ranging from small molecule immune modulators for specific cancers through a vaccine in development for Q fever to a novel microencapsulant to enable allogeneic cell or tissue transplantation without immune suppression.

VIC supports rapid-pace, high-impact research initiatives that are in the process of safely transitioning from the research lab to patients

  • Targets areas of clinical unmet need like immunotherapies or vaccines for ovarian cancer, mesothelioma, Q fever, type 1 diabetes and ALS
  • Leverages our position within Massachusetts General Hospital, a global leader in medical research and healthcare to maximize the transfer of knowledge between clinical need and discovery
  • Supports the brightest ideas of team members at VIC to progress from discovery to product development and first in human testing
  • Discoveries positioned for smooth handoff into a full development program with industry or US governmental partners
  • Thinks with the end in mind and therefore is exit orientated

Accelerating innovation relies on two things; the disciplined focus on the VIC mission and the generosity of donors who share our goals. Development of our new vaccines and immunotherapies can only be achieved with additional support beyond grants and contracts. We are very grateful to our donors for their visionary support of our scientists and the work at VIC.