Training The Next Generation of Scientists

Training the next generation of scientists is an important part of VIC’s mission and is also a win-win situation for both the trainee and VIC. The trainee needs to gain formative scientific experience and develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, while hands-on experiences can help inspire students to further their education and prepare them for their careers. “My aim is to be able to work at the intersection between clinical practice and medical research” says Claire, an undergraduate medical student at Imperial College, London, on the reason why she chose to do her training at VIC. “I joined VIC because I was really attracted to the idea of scientific innovation and cutting edge research” reaffirms Prapti, a student at Wellesley. Trainees at VIC are from the US and abroad, and range from high school students to postdocs. Highly-trained senior scientists mentor VIC’s interns and have a huge impact in shaping a students’ career. “Hands-on research would enhance my practice of evidence-based medicine and hone skills that, in the future, as a humanitarian physician, I will be able to apply beyond the lab bench” asserts Reyna, a pre-med student at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine.

VIC, on the other side, can further develop its research thanks to the participation of these young scientists. The training program is an exciting opportunity for VIC that often results in a peer-reviewed publication. “As a returning student, I knew I would find myself both challenged and exceptionally well mentored here at VIC, as I had two summers prior” indicates Anders, a recent graduate of McGill University and currently applying to Medical Schools; and, as he likes to point out, is a returning student because the skills and knowledge he learns during his time at VIC could not be acquired in a classroom at university.