Research and Development
VIC team members Back row from left: Madeline Penson, Dr. Marinko Sremac, Binghao Li, Dr. Ruxandra Sîrbulescu, Dr. Patrick Reeves, Dr. Mark Poznansky Middle row from left: Dr. Huabiao Chen, Yusuke Shimaoka, Dr. Zhao Liu, Ms. Phoebe Ingram, Mr. Timothy Brauns, Dr. Satoshi Kashiwagi Bottom row from left: Farah Kools, Dr. Yang Zeng, Dr. Kaitlyn Morse, Dr. Ann Sluder, Dr. Jeffrey Gelfand, Dr. Mojgan Abbaslou, Dr. Ivona Olszak, Dr. Yoshifumi Kimizuka

Research and Development

VIC’s central function is to assist promising life science technologies navigate the critical transition between early discovery and first studies in humans by applying a process we call “managed development.” This process involves convening key experts to guide the process and facilitating the completion of important scientific, regulatory, manufacturing and business tasks that enables the candidate treatment or vaccine to advance into human testing. During this process, we identify and build relationships with companies and organizations that can move the process further toward practical application of the technology in medical care.

We select technologies for managed development through an active deliberation with scientific, business and regulatory advisors selected for their knowledge of the specific fields relevant to a particular technology. Candidates are assessed for: 1) market potential, including the validity and robustness of the technology to address major unmet medical needs; 2) strength of associated intellectual property; 3) ability to identify a sound development path from discovery to clinical testing with definition of specific milestones and timelines for assessment; 4) potential regulatory issues for transition to clinical development; and 5) the likelihood for exit from VIC within a 2-3 year window.

For technologies accepted into the program, VIC defines a technology development plan, assembles an appropriate team to guide project planning and execution and refines and implements an exit strategy. Facilitation of project development is custom-designed for each project including some or all of the following: planning, industry partnering, securing of third-party funding, facilitation of regulatory review and project management. Certain projects are allocated internal seed funding or development funding for tasks such as regulatory activities that are not usually covered by research grants. Seed funding is typically awarded through a process involving formal requests for applications and a structured review process.

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