Laboratory Profile
  1. Development of a novel vaccine adjuvant using laser light
  2. Development of a novel immunotherapy for allergy using laser light
  • Principal investigator: Satoshi Kashiwagi, MD, PhD
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellows: Yoshifumi Kimizuka, MD, PhD
  • Hiroaki Shiratori, BA candidate
  • Shu Takeuchi, MD candidate
  • Conor Dwyer, BA candidate
  • Megan Chan, BA candidate
  • Rhea Tan, MD candidate
  • Benjamin Forbes, BA and MD candidate
  • Laura Whicher, BA
  • Beth Edelblute, BA and MD candidate
  • Brian Collette, BA
  • Laurel Edington, BA and MD candidate
  • Calum Goudie, MD candidate
  • Haaris Beg, BA candidate
  • Elia LebLanc, BA candidate
  • Yusuke Shomaoka, MD candidate
  • Kaitlyn Morse, PhD
  • Graduate Research Assistant: Ayako Shigeta, MD
  • Research Assistants: Mai Shibata, MD candidate
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