Laboratory Profile
  1. Characterization and development of a novel vaccine for Q-fever (Coxiella Burnetti)
  2. Development of a tailored, rapidly devlierable, and cost-effective vaccine to promote anti-tumor immunity.
  3. Study of tumor cell biology to better implement small molecules that modulate tumor adaptation and escape strategies.
  • Principal investigator: Patrick Reeves, PhD
  • Ottavia Clemente, PhD Candidate
  • Sherry Xiaoyun Tong, MD
  • Yan Wang, MD
  • Xavier Catena, MS
  • Mathieu von Joest, MS
  • Arya Sharifzadeh, MS
  • Jing Zeng, MS
  • Lisanne Schoutens (Cambridge University)
  • Carl Pierce (University of Massachusettes)
  • Samantha Wong (Imperial College)
  • Jay Kritchai Vutipongsatorn (Imperial College)
  • Anita Vohra, (Connecticut University)
  • Ellie Dunstone, (Cambridge University)
  • Mojgan Abbaslou, MD; Susan Raju-Paul, MD
  • Farah Kools
  • Reem Omer, (Harvard University)
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Kalman D, Bornmann WG, Reeves PM, Swimm, AI. Compositions and methods of use for tyrosine kinase inhibitors to treat pathogenic infection, US8,765,777; issued 12/16/2010
  • Sarina Gupta