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2020 saw a major addition to our priorities as the dreadful COVID-19 pandemic struck our nation and the world.

The Team at VIC rapidly pivoted during a couple of crucial weeks in March to address clear unmet medical needs for new diagnostics, treatments and a vaccine for SARS-CoV-2. Most importantly, we leveraged our ongoing Department of Defense funded rapid vaccine development platform, VaxCelerate, to target the coronavirus. To this end we partnered with a new biotechnology company, Voltron Therapeutics Inc., to take our new COVID-19 vaccine, called HaloVax, from bench to bedside on an accelerated timeline.

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Highlighted Publications

First published: 29 April 2020 Eric A. Meyerowitz, Augustin G. L. Vannier, Morgan G. N. Friesen, Sara Schoenfeld, Jeffrey A. Gelfand, Michael V. Callahan, Arthur Y. Kim, Patrick M. Reeves, Mark C. Poznansky

MedRXiv, June 20, 2020. 

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