Post Doctoral Research Position

Post Doctoral Research Position

A private foundation postdoctoral fellowship is available at the Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center, Massachusetts General Hospital. The individual will work as part of a research team with other scientists on translational medical research associated with novel therapeutic approaches for type I diabetes. Responsibilities will involve therapeutic studies in established animal models of disease and application of immunologic tools to define key mechanisms of action. The fellow will be directly responsible for the conduct of experiments and will work with the team in analysis of data. Projects will involve work with outside academic and industry collaborators.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Drafting experimental plans for studies to be conducted.
  2. Conducting studies in vitro and in relevant animal models.
  3. Developing and maintaining animal approval documentation.
  4. Developing and documenting new experimental methods as needed.
  5. Ordering and managing supplies and consumables for specific projects.
  6. Conducting background research in the field of inquiry; developing and presenting background summaries and presentations as necessary.
  7. Drafting scientific reports (for sponsored research) and journal articles for peer reviewed publications on the results of research at appropriate time points.
  8. Attendance and participation in weekly laboratory meetings.
  9. Providing training and support for undergraduate- and graduate-level short-term trainees that may be assigned to projects being conducted by the research fellow.

Skills and Competencies Required

  1. PhD in Biology, Immunology, Biochemistry, or a related field
  2. Strong publication and funding record
  3. Strong interpersonal, organizational and communication skills
  4. Team orientated, must be able to work within a team working on a portfolio of research projects
  5. Experimental design and data analysis
  6. Experience with primary cell culture, animal model development, and primary assays related to immunology helpful (specimen processing, Flow Cytometry, Luminex assays, ELISPOT and ELISA)
  7. Careful documentation of research plan, execution and data collection

Compensation commensurate with NIH guidelines for postdoctoral fellows

Please apply with a letter of interest and include your resume and references to: Pingram1@mgh.harvard.edu


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