March for science: what’s next?

More than a week has passed since scientists gathered together to march and to celebrate science and the role it plays in everyday lives. On Saturday 22 April, at the…

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A new device can revolutionize vaccine adjuvant technology

To maximize vaccine efficiency, chemical and/or biological substances are used as immunologic adjuvants to increase the body’s immune response to the vaccine. A new class of vaccine adjuvant, namely laser…

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The importance of recording research – insights from the meeting with LabArchives

Back in 2002 there was a big scandal that involved the notorious German physicist Jan Hendrik Schön which shocked the physics community. He rose to prominence after publishing several works…

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Dr. Mark Poznansky Speaks at Tufts University Global Health Seminar

While the field of medicine continuously searches for new and more effective treatments, researchers at VIC stand in the gap dividing biomedical research and clinical therapies.

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Update on the new CDC guidelines for outpatient antibiotic prescribing

As covered in the previous VIC blog post, the UN organized a meeting in September to draw the attention of health care providers, researchers, and politicians to the growing problem…

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Report on the UN meeting on the rising global effects of antibiotic resistance.

  On September 21st the UN held an historical meeting to discuss the rising global effects of antibiotic resistance. These high-level meetings on health issues have only been held in…

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Dr. Satoshi Kashiwagi at VIC receives 2016 DOM Innovation Pilot Grants from the MGH Medicine Innovation Program

Dr. Satoshi Kashiwagi, a Principal Investigator at VIC, receives 2016 DOM Innovation Pilot Grant. This award is created by the Medicine Innovation Program to accelerate the development and introduction of…

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VIC at Myopia Polo 2016

Photo by Ann Sluder Written By: Alex Ingram On July 31st, VIC headed back to Myopia Polo Club for the third annual “VIC at Myopia Polo” event. This event, held…

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Summer Students of 2016

Written By: Anastasia Artamonova As summer comes and goes, it is the warm memories we form now that get us through the cold Boston winters. The wonderful students of VIC…

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Utah Zika Diagnosis Raises Questions of How the Disease Can Spread

By Anastasia Artamonova On Tuesday, the CDC announced that a Utah caretaker appears to have become infected with the Zika virus apart from the currently known means of exposure, which…

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