Dr. Mark Poznansky, Director of VIC, hosted an evening of dinner and conversation for the Friends of VIC, our generous donors and supporters.

The event took place in the elegant Trustees dining room at MGH. Prior to the dinner, guests were given a guided tour of the historic Ether Dome as shown in the photo. The Ether Dome is a surgical operating amphitheater which served as MGH’s operating room from 1821 to 1867 and was the site of the first public demonstration of the use of inhaled ether as a surgical anesthetic in 1846.

Guests mingled and socialized with each other and with leading scientists at VIC and sat down to a delicious dinner provided by local farm, Salt Box. Dr. Poznansky gave welcoming remarks and shared his experience with VIC and his vision for its future and gave his appreciation of everything that the Friends of VIC have done to ensure a bright path forward. Guests enjoyed scintillating conversation and were happy to make new friends. A successful evening enjoyed by all.

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